“If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it” This is true in any scientific field and is perfectly valid in the medicine and sports areas where if you ‘play it by ear’, you will certainly not get the desired results. The tests and investigations we provide to you have scientific research behind them, being internationally accepted methods. With the help of our modern equipment and the advanced knowledge that the Superfit team has, we will be able to offer you answers to your questions and a correct and efficient orientation towards the achievement of your objectives.

All these investigations and tests can be done by anyone, whether they practise sports or not, whether they are amateur or performance sports. The results are equally valid for verification of your health condition, as well as to the objective measurement of the level of sports performance.

3D body analysis

3D scanning is a very modern imaging method, which
allows a three-dimensional image of the body, accurate measurement of circumferences, and postural analysis.

Cardiometabolic Testing

This exercise test (spiroergometry) generates a lot of data such as energy consumption, training areas, consumption of lipids and carbohydrates in effort, VO2max, the evolution of the pulse related to exercise.

Lactate analysis

The lactate curve helps us to accurately determine the transition point from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism. This is extremely useful information in high-intensity sports.

Agility analysis

In many sports, agility and speed are essential components. We can test and improve these features with the help of special equipment, based on electronically controlled light modules.

Running analysis

Each step can be broken down into several parts and analyzed with the help of high-performance equipment, which can give us information about the quality of walking and running, in healthy people, but also those with injuries.


This test analyzes in detail the pressures exerted by the soles in static position, but also while walking. Problems can be identified that can be corrected through training, physical therapy or with the help of plantar supports.
Take care of your walking health and balance through baropodometry!


Ultrasonic adipometry provides information on fat mass (adipose tissue) and lean mass (muscle) and water percentage. It is accompanied by segmental measurement of fat and muscle layers.

Body composition

The body composition analysis by the bioimpedance method is widely used in the evaluation of athletes and patients, being a quick test, which allows to find out the percentage of fat and the level of visceral fat.

Mobility analysis

Flexibility is an important feature of the human body and a basic requirement in many industries. This computerized test can accurately analyze mobility in all joints.

Strenght analysis

Strenght tests are controlled by a software, which allow to get precise data and follow evolution. We can test either simple or complex movements.


Functional Movement Screen is a battery of tests that functionally analyzes the muscles and joints of the body, in order to implement a training program.

Food intolerances

The food intolerance test allows a better personalization of the diet, based on the body’s reaction to the consumption of different foods, even in the absence of obvious symptoms.

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