Cookie policy

The Superfit website uses the cookie module. This mechanism is used in order to improve the functionality of the site and to ensure a pleasant experience when visiting our site. A cookie is a small piece of information sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device.

The cookies used by our website do not have personal data and do not personally identify visitors. However, you can choose to disable them from the Internet browser (browser) you use, but disabling cookies will reduce the functionality of the website.

What cookies do we use and why

We only use permanent cookies (not session cookies), which expire after a reasonable period of time or when you have chosen to delete them manually.

All cookies we use come from third parties: Google Analytics (Ga, Git and Gat) and Polylang (Pll_language).

As these cookies are not developed by us, we invite you to inform us of the cookie policies published by Google Analytic and Polylang.

Google Analytics analyzes Clickstream behavior – it includes, for example, the pages you view and the links you visit. These tools help you make visiting our site easier, more efficient and more valuable, giving you a personalized experience.

Technologies in relation to cookies

Like many other sites, Superfit uses certain technologies for automatic data collection.

The web server collects general information that your browser sends to our website, such as the type of browser and the address of the site you visited before accessing our site.

Information is also collected on:

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address – This is an automatic attribute number for your computer or device each time you connect to the Internet. It is a unique address assigned by your ISP on a TCP / IP network. The IP address allows web servers to locate and identify your device.
Browser version;
Device type.

Also, to improve your experiences through the Superfit site, we use Google Analytics, a service that collects data and assigns each user a cookie id.