Agility and speed

Train your agility and speed with the Fitlight Trainer system to increase your physical performance!

Antrenamentul agilitatii si vitezei de reactie este necesar multor sportivi. In clinica Superfit se face cu ajutorul sistemului FitLight, care nu doar ca este eficient, dar este si foarte distractiv.

What agility and speed training entails:


In any sport, agility, reaction speed and motor coordination are basic elements that must be constantly trained. You can do this through an interactive method, different from the usual workouts in a gym.

The Fitlight Trainer system represents the natural evolution of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training Systems) training principle and is currently the most revolutionary wireless training system in the world.

It consists of a wireless device composed of 8 LED devices equipped with sensors and controlled by tablet. The system can be configured for all sports and types of training, the user being the one who will deactivate the LEDs either by full contact or by proximity contact.

What are the benefits of agility and speed training?

  1. The flexibility of this system allows the creation of individual routines, fitness exercises or specific training programs, with high applicability in different sports areas;
  2. Improves athletes’ reaction time, speed, coordination, agility, endurance, fitness and cognitive and visual processing functions;
  3. Helps athletes improve their techniques and ability to react to intense training;
  4. The athletic capacity and the fluidity of the movement can be evaluated in real time with precise measurements, which can be analyzed later to improve the athletes’ performances;
  5. It offers an innovative, efficient and fun training system, helping to motivate you;
  6. Fitlight Trainer has the ability to design exercises or programs that mimic real movements during training;
  7. The system can be combined with other fitness accessories to increase the effectiveness and intensity of the exercises or to accentuate the training of certain skills.

Agility and speed training is for you if ...

  • You do performance sports and you want to better train your reaction speed, agility, endurance;
  • You are passionate about movement and you want to experience something new in HIIT;
  • You are looking for a more fun training system, different from what you find in gyms;
  • You are a football player, basketball player, handball player, tennis or practise fencing or martial arts.
antrenament-agilitate-si viteza de reactie

At Superfit we support you to develop your physical skills through innovative technologies!!