Superfit Center Technology


The Fit3D body scanner is a complex, non-invasive device that scans the whole body in less than 40 seconds and offers over 400 accurate measurements, analyzing body shape and posture.


The cardiorespiratory exercise test involves measuring respiratory gases (O2 and CO2) at various levels of exercise, as well as heart rate, using a sophisticated device called a metabolic cart.

BX Deluxe Adipometer

This mini-ultrasounds device creates a 2D image of the superficial layers of the body – skin, adipose tissue, muscles, allowing their measurement and calculation of the total percentage of fat and muscle mass.


Desmozone D-Line and V-line equipment are addressed primarily to performance athletes, but also to amateurs who want results and, at the same time, want to reduce the risk of injury.

Fitlight Trainer

Fitlight is a modern training system, based on wirelessly controlled optical elements, which can be turned on and off in various combinations, testing the agility and speed of athletes.

Halo Sport

The brain stimulation technology is made through headphones, accelerating muscle memory. Following this neurotraining, the muscles respond more quickly to training so that it will be more effective.


This equipment allows training by reducing the oxygen in the air, the goal being to improve athletic performance, acclimatization to altitude and physical health.

BTS P-Walk

The BTS P – Walk equipment is the complete solution for evaluating the distribution of plantar pressures, in statics and dynamics, identifying pathologies related to gait and balance disorders.