Nutrition consulting

We focus on sports nutrition, but also on consulting for weight loss and weight gain, by changing body composition. To these are added pediatric and clinical nutrition.

Obesity therapy

Our experience of over 10 years, during which we have worked with thousands of patients, gives us confidence that we can help anyone who wants to lose weight and change their lifestyle.


The Superfit training studio is equipped with classic fitness equipment, but especially with modern technologies, which increase the level of efficiency and precision of physical exercises.

Tests and investigations

A professional approach involves tests and investigations, all with a solid scientific basis, to start from measurable parameters, which we follow during Superfit programs.

Sports recovery

Post-exercise recovery is a key element in sports training, but it is often neglected. At Superfit we have the means to help you recover quickly.

Health Recovery

In sports activities, but also in the current one, injuries can occur. The speed and efficiency of healing depends very much on the methods and equipment used in treatment.


Movement therapy is an important step in recovering and maintaining your health, as well as in preventing physical deficiencies, regardless of age.

Body care

We have developed programs aimed at lymphatic drainage, massage of superficial and deep tissues, elimination of cellulite and increase muscle and skin tone.

Psychological counseling

Psychotherapy and coaching help you to overcome tense moments that occur from time to time in our lives or to improve your relationships with those around you.

Seminars, workshops

At your company’s headquarters or in our clinic, we organize seminars and practical activities on various topics: nutrition, weight loss, training techniques, physiology, psychology.

Catering services

If you do not have time to prepare your food every day, we recommend that you work with our partners, who are committed to preparing food according to the recommendations received.

Online consulting

Distance is not always an issue when it comes to counseling. Although we like direct interaction, we try to find solutions for those outside Bucharest.