Restores skin firmness and improves your muscle tone by electrostimulation!


What does electrostimulation entail?

Electrostimulation or electrical neuromuscular stimulation (NMES) reproduces the functioning of natural muscle contraction, using electric current. It is a physiotherapeutic technique used for muscle development, training optimization or skin toning.

This method involves the application on the body of electrodes connected to a
device, which send low-intensity electrical impulses and thus cause muscle

Electrostimulation poses no health risk because the electrical impulses are
controlled and safe. In addition, the muscles do not differentiate between an
electrically induced contraction and a voluntary one, produced by the brain.

What are the advantages of electrostimulation?

  • It accentuates the effects of physical activity and works different muscle groups;
  • Contributes to the elimination of excess fluids, acting as a lymphatic drainage;
  • You can stimulate the muscles used insufficiently in regular training;
  • Improves muscle tone and skin appearance, restoring firmness;
  • Prevents muscle atrophy in people who cannot use certain muscles due to trauma, surgery or injury.

Electrostimulation is for you if ...

  • You want to have firmer and more toned skin;
  • You are an athlete and you want to increase the efficiency of your training and to further develop your muscles;
  • You are on a weight loss diet and you are concerned about the appearance of your skin;
  • You want to relax your muscles after exertion.

At Superfit you can follow muscle electrostimulation sessions with the help of the Compex device, an efficient and safe equipment. We are waiting for you to try it!!