Increase your endurance and VO2max levels through hypoxic training!

What is respiratory training?


Respiratory training is essential for athletes, the lungs being stressed during intense physical activity.

A particularly effective type of respiratory training is that in hypoxia (Intermittent Hypoxic Training), which simulates altitude conditions by decreasing the oxygen available in the inspired air. The body thus learns to adapt to the reduction of oxygen levels, which will increase athletic performance.

Hypoxic training combines physical exertion at a lower level of oxygen with that under normal conditions, its positive effects being scientifically proven.

At the Superfit Center you can do hypoxia workouts with Hypoxico, a device that includes a special mask, connected to an oxygen volume adjustment and monitoring system.

What are the benefits of respiratory training in hypoxia?

  • It is more effective than regular training in terms of blood transport capacity and maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max);
  • Increases the degree of resistance to effort;
  • Increases muscle strength and causes muscle growth faster than usual;
  • The diaphragm and lungs become stronger, and the alveoli of the lungs increase their elasticity and surface;
  • It can be combined with various workouts – bicycle, fitness equipment, boxing, etc;
  • It allows the simulation of training at high altitudes in any location, without the need for a trip to the mountains;
  • The volume of oxygen can be modified according to the objectives of each athlete;
  • It can help fight altitude sickness.

Respiratory training in hypoxia is for you if ...

  • You are an athlete and you aim to increase your VO2max;
  • You participate in sports competitions at high altitudes;
  • You want to increase your endurance.

We are waiting for you at a high altitude training with Hypoxico!