Dr. Serban Damian, the nutritionist of the Superfit Nutrition Center is ready to hold seminars and workshops on nutrition in companies and firms, sports clubs, schools and kindergartens, and hold various events to promote a healthy lifestyle .

Any topics related to nutrition, sports, health and wellbeing can be addressed.

The organizational details, as well as theprice offer, can be established following a preliminary meeting.

The most common topics for seminars are:

– the basic principles of a healthy diet
– weight loss – fast and efficient
– what a healthy lifestyle means and how it is put into practice
– how can we gain weight (muscle mass development)
– sports nutrition for various sports
– training principles – fitness and running (particularly marathon preparation)
– use of nutritional supplements

Apart from these general topics, any kind of nutrition and training seminars can be designed, integrating your special requests.

Each seminar is followed by a question and answer session. Optionally, participants can receive after the seminar informative materials (print or CD), participation diplomas, evaluation questionnaires.

Seminars can be held anywhere in the country (cost to cover transportation and accommodation).

For any additional details: 0722.616785 or

Here you can find images and videos from some of the seminars and workshops given by Dr. Serban Damian in recent years:

Nutrition seminar for Groupama, 2013

Nutrition seminar for Unicredit, 2013

Nutrition seminar for Deloitte, organized by World Class Health Academy, 2013

Seminar on the benefits of coffee consumption, Nescafe, 2013

Nutrition seminar for Reiffeisen Bank, organized by World Class Health Academy, 2013

Nutrition seminar at Men’s Health, 2013

Nutrition lesson at Cornetu School, during the week “Different school”, 2013

Seminar for Hervis employees, 2013

Tennis sports nutrition seminar, 2012

Nutrition seminar at Adrem Invest, 2012

Nutrition lesson at Budesti School Group, 2012

Nutrition lesson at School no. 196 Bucharest, within the “Different school” program, 2012

Nutrition lesson at School no. 52 Bucharest, within the “School differently” program, 2012

Conference “Attitudes and behaviors in the Romanian lifestyle”, 2012

Conference “5 servings of vegetables, fruits or fruit juice”, 2012

Sports nutrition seminar at the Petrom Cross Country, 2011

Nutrition seminar for Unicredit Tiriac, Bucharest, 2011

Nutrition seminar for the E-ON company, Covasna, 2011

Seminar on nutrition and weight loss, No Limits Woman event, Palace Hall, 2011

Weight loss seminar, Prevention event, Phoenicia hotel, 2011

Seminar on factors that influence children’s nutrition, Children’s Palace, 2011

Seminar on healthy eating of children, BabyExpo, 2010
Seminar on nutritional supplements for Arkopharma, 2009

Healthy eating seminar for HP Romania, 2009

Healthy eating workshop for MegaImage, 2009
Seminar de nutritie pentru copiii claselor 1-4, Colegiul National “Elena Cuza”, 2009

Nutrition seminar for children from grades 1-4, “Elena Cuza” National College, 2009

Sports nutrition course for boxing coaches, Izvorani, 2008

Seminar on myths in weight loss, CSID, 2008

Nutrition seminar at PowerPlate 2008

Speech about antioxidants, during the Success Day of Forever Living Products Romania, 2007

Seminar on healthy eating, for Procter & Gamble employees, 2007

Seminar on nutritional supplements at the Faculty of Pharmacy (“Live Healthy” campaign 2006)

Nutrition seminar at the Fitness & Lifestyle Revolution event, 2006

Seminar on shiatsu and stretching at the Aesthetics Congress ,2005