Want to eat a well balanced diet, but you don’t have time to cook? Don’t know what healthy recipes to make?

What the catering service entails:

We know what it means to spend most of your day at the office: you face stressful situations, you have a busy schedule, so you often resort to fast food or even forget to eat. Over time, the kilograms accumulate and the energy decreases.

To help you have a balanced diet, which will ensure your health and vitality, we collaborate with the catering company – a team of experienced professionals. Like us, they are passionate about what they do and
believe in the principles of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Our partner,, has designed the first complete nutrition and catering service and invites you to enjoy its benefits every day!

Following the nutrition consultancy at Superfit, our nutritionist will create a personalized diet plan, depending on your goals.

Cei de la vor pregăti pentru tine un meniu zilnic, respectând cantitățile și echilibrul micro și macronutrienților. Tot ei se ocupă de livrarea zilnică a meselor, deci nu trebuie să te mai preocupe întrebarea “Ce mănânc astăzi??”

The people from will prepare a daily menu for you, respecting the appropriate quantities and balance of micro and macronutrients. They also take care of the daily delivery of meals, so you don’t have to worry about the question “What do I eat today ?”;

These are the advantages of the catering service:

  • More free time for you;
  • Varied, tasty and nutritionally balanced recipes;
  • Full flexibility in composing the menu;
  • Customization according to your food preferences, schedule and nutritional needs;
  • Adaptation to different budgets;
  • Meals prepared with quality ingredients by experienced specialists.

The catering service is for you if ...

  • You don’t have time to cook;
  • You follow a particular diet;
  • You want to have an organized meal program with nutritious preparation;
  • You want more variety in your weekly menu;
  • You are an athlete and you want to make sure that your diet is appropriate to achieving your performance goals.