Take care of your walking health and balance
through baropodometry!

What is baropodometry


Baropodometry is a test that analyzes in detail the pressures exerted by the soles in a static position and while walking, in order to identify possible problems. These can be remedied by training, kinetotherapy or with the help of plantar supports (orthoses), which facilitate the proper distribution of body weight.

For baropodometric analysis, at the Superfit Center we use the revolutionary BTS P-Walk equipment. This device helps to identify and treat pathologies related to gait and balance disorders, performing functional analysis of a gait cycle through static and dynamic measurements of plantar pressures.

With the help of BTS P – Walk, the antero-posterior and lateral oscillations can be evaluated for the whole body and, separately, for each limb. Also at this level, proprioceptive, oculomotor and vestibular interferences are evaluated, in order to observe the static balance.

BTS P – Walk is very useful for performance athletes and has applications in orthopedics, neurology, diabetic foot, Parkinson’s disease. It also helps prevent the risk of falls in elderly patients.

What are the advantages of baropodometry

  • It helps to prevent injuries or diseases caused by an incorrect distribution of plantar pressures;
  • Find out about your posture and discover the source of pain caused by too much pressure on certain areas;
  • The specialist interprets your results on the spot;
  • You will receive recommendations to correct a possible posture / gait problem;
  • The orthoses can be customized on the spot, at our Center; you will be able to test them and they will be adjusted so that they suit you 100%.

Baropodometry is for you if ...

  • You are an athlete and you want to prevent injuries by training safely;
  • You have flat foot, calcaneal spurs or other pathologies of the foot;
  • You plan to start running or other sports and you want to reduce the risk of aggravating certain orthopedic conditions;
  • You aim to relieve the pain caused by various posture deficiencies;
  • You want to prevent complications related to your child’s gait or posture in adulthood.

At Superfit you can do a complete postural analysis, consisting of baropodometry and 3D analysis, after which you will receive the most appropriate treatment, which consists of kinetotherapy and / or the recommendation of plantar supporters (personalized orthoses, which you will receive at our clinic, recommended by the doctor).

We are waiting for you to discover useful information
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