Sports nutrition

Improve your sports performance with a sports nutrition program!

Sports nutrition is a modern science that supports amateur and performance
athletes to help them progress.

All over the world, athletes and coaches agree that nutrition plays a very important role in sports, for maximum performance.

What sports nutrition means

  • Assessment of nutritional status – what, how and when the athlete eats, eating habits, intolerances and food allergies
  • Assessment of body composition and other important parameters
  • Compilation of a nutritional program, which takes into account the energy needs of the athlete, the intake of macro and micronutrients, adapted to the type and volume of physical effort
  • Advising the athlete so that s/he can make the right choice of food and assess his/her needs (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Adjust the diet for weight gain or loss, where appropriate
  • Recommendations for hydration and administration of nutritional supplements
  • Nutrition and supplementation recommendations before, during and after competitions
  • Long-term follow-up of nutritional status and counseling to support the effort and recovery after the effort

What are the benefits of a sports nutrition program?

  • You will be better able to support the effort during training and competitions
  • You will recover faster between workouts and competitions
  • You will be able to achieve and maintain an optimal body weight for your sport
  • The risk of injury and illness will be reduced
  • You will gain more confidence and you will feel ready for the competition
  • Your diet will become better organized and tastier
  • You will find out what nutritional supplements it is recommended to use
  • You will have better results and progress

Sports nutrition is for you if ...

  • You are an amateur or performance athlete and you want a complex diet plan, which includes personalized diets, nutritional supplement recommendations and long-term monitoring
  • You are a coach and you want to offer your athletes a complete nutritional solution
  • You have found that you are not making progress and are looking for a solution
  • You are always tired, without energy, you do not sleep well and recovery after training is hard
  • Your performance is not as expected
  • You get sick frequently, seemingly for no reason

At the Superfit Center, sports nutrition consulting is provided by Dr. Şerban Damian, CIO-accredited sports nutritionist.

Come to Superfit to benefit from professional advice in sports nutrition!