Welcome to the Superfit Center!

We offer you much more than health and fitness services – we offer you the science of being fit.

We support you to make the right decisions for your well-being more easily and to reach your nutrition and sports goals.

Echipa Centrului Medical Superfit

Who are we

We are friends who can teach you to move at your own pace. We are the ones who explain to you how your body works and how to keep it in good shape. We are the professionals who guide you to achieve better performance in sports. We are Superfit.

We accompany you throughout the process of regaining fitness, we help you overcome difficult moments and we stay with you , so that you are always in shape.

This is our role, which we have assumed since the establishment of the Superfit Center, in 2007.

In 2018 we grew the team, moved to a larger headquarters and we invested in many state-of-the-art technologies, so that you have a modern, professional, pleasant center at your disposal.

Why choose Superfit?

In short, because we offer you EVERYTHING you need to stay healthy and fit, through a variety of services that complement each other:

  • We are a team of specialists with solid training in the field, years of experience and a lot of passion for what we do.
  • We focus on creating personalized programs for every client who comes to us, whether they want to lose weight, do physical therapy or train more effectively. We do not use universal diets, because we know that each person is unique. We adapt to the physical level you are at, being with you with understanding and patience.
  • We rely on science, not on restrictive and frustrating diets or “exotic” or fashionable nutritional trends that are dangerous in the long run.
  • We start from the causes, we do not limit ourselves to treating the effects. We can make precise medical and sports investigations, on the basis of which we can later build programs suitable for each person, with greater chances of success.
  • For amateur and professional athletes we prepare the best nutrition, training and recovery programs, so that they can perform at full capacity.
  • We have the latest technologies in terms of physical testing, training and recovery, some of them unique in Romania. Our center has modern equipment and specialized methods of approach, for a fit body and for performance in sports.
  • To succeed, you need proper moral support. We also provide you with psychological counseling services, to work not only your body, but also your mind, when it comes to motivation in sports, balanced eating or other aspects related to well-being.

If health, balance, medical recovery or sports performance are among your goals, at Superfit you have everything you need to achieve them.

Discover our programs, innovative health technologies and the team of specialists.

Make an appointment and let’s get started!

* The results obtained by the clients of the Superfit Center vary from person to person, depending on the individual particularities. The results are not guaranteed. The testimonials of the clients presented on this site represent personal opinions.