Test your reaction speed, agility and movement

What is the analysis of agility and speed?

If you play a sport or are passionate about movement, then you know how important physical agility, speed of reaction and motor coordination are. To see where you still have to work and receive a proper training program, at Superfit you can assess your agility with the help of Fitlight Trainer equipment.

Fitlight Trainer is the most revolutionary wirelesstraining system in the world, based on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training Systems) training principle. In addition to training, it allows the assessment of athletic ability and fluidity of movement, providing accurate data that can be analyzed later to improve the performance of athletes.

The system consists of 8 LED devices equipped with sensors and controlled by tablet. The light signals will light up one by one, in a certain sequence, and the user will have to deactivate them either by full contact or by proximity contact.

Here’s how the Fitlight Trainer system works

What are the advantages of agility and speed analysis with the Fitlight Trainer system?

  • Through precise measurements, it provides real-time data that allows the assessment of athletes’ physical abilities;
  • It is a good starting point for creating a personalized training program to improve performance;
  • Helps athletes improve their techniques and ability to react;
  • It’s motivating and fun!

Agility and reaction speed training is necessary for many athletes. In the Superfit clinic it is done with the help of the FitLight system, which is not only efficient, but also a lot of fun.

Antrenamentul agilitatii si vitezei de reactie este necesar multor sportivi. In clinica Superfit se face cu ajutorul sistemului FitLight, care nu doar ca este eficient, dar este si foarte distractiv.

The analysis of agility and speed is for you if ...

  • You do performance sports and you need a realistic starting point for a proper training program, through which you can develop your coordination and speed
  • You are passionate about movement and you want to know where you stand with regard to endurance, reaction time and physical agility

Motivate yourself to train your physical coordination and reaction speed with Fitlight Trainer!