Avoid injuries and develop your body balance by training your proprioception!!

What is proprioceptive training?

Proprioceptive training develops proprioception skills, the orientation of the body and its movements in space. Thus, the muscles will act faster to stabilize the body depending on the given situation, preventing injuries.

Rest and lack of physical activity cause the loss or diminution of proprioceptive ability, so it must be trained constantly. Specific exercises focus on developing the body’s balance, agility and speed of reaction.

Proprioceptive training takes place on unstable surfaces or in positions where you can easily become unbalanced. The more regularly these exercises are done, the sooner the muscles know what to do in a similar situation, the reaction becoming more of a reflex.

The BOSU hemisphere, the water dumbbell, the balance pillow, the sand ball, the Bobath medicine ball are just some of the accessories used in proprioception training. They can be combined to increase the degree of difficulty. At Superfit we provide you with these accessories, together with dedicated coaches, so that you can work correctly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of proprioceptive training?

  • You will gain better stability and control over your own body;
  • You will prevent injuries, because you will respond more quickly to unexpected situations and stimuli in the environment;
  • As an athlete, you will perform better and be able to focus on speed, strength or strategy, instead of maintaining balance.

Proprioceptive training is for you if ...

  • You are an athlete and you want to prevent injuries;
  • You want to improve your body’s balance and muscle control.

We are waiting for you at Superfit to train with us!