Please note: We do NOT work with the National Health Insurance (Casa de Asigurari de Sanatate – bilet de trimitere).

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Consultation for evaluation (first consult)          200 lei

Superfit Nutrition packages (contains the file with recommendations and 4-24 monitoring consultations) – prices starting from 1400 lei (including discounts between 15 and 40% compared to the option in which each service is paid for separately)

Superfit Maintenance Packages (6-24 months) – prices starting from 600 lei (addressed only to those who have successfully completed a nutrition program in the Superfit Center)

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Sports medicine consultation 200 lei

Sports medicine certificate

  • <12 years   200 lei
  • 12-18 years 250 lei
  • >18 years   300 lei

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  • Physical evaluation consultation                         150 lei
  • Physiotherapy procedure                                  30 lei / zona
  • Package of 3 physiotherapy procedures                   80 lei / area
  • Package 1 procedure 10 sessions                   250 lei / area
  • Package 3 procedures 10 sessions                   800 lei / area
  • Tecar Therapy session                                 70 lei / area
  • Package of 10 Tecar sessions                           600 lei / area
  • Manual therapy                                      100 lei / area
  • Application KT                                                  35 lei / area
  • Application DT                                                  45 lei / area
  • Lymphatic drainage                                             75 lei / 45 min
  • Percussion therapy                                       50 lei
  • Deep oscillating massage                          75 lei / 20 min
    • a single session                              125 lei
    • packages of at least 8 sessions            starting from 800 lei/package

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  • Basal metabolism analysis   150 lei
  • Complete cardiometabolic test (cardiorespiratory exercise test)  750 lei 
  • Lactate analysis  450 lei
  • Ultrasonic adipometry  200 lei
  • Global flexibility test   450 lei
  • Agility and speed test   450 lei
  • Desmotec strength test   500 lei
  • Baropodometric testing   400 lei
  • Orthosis service 300 lei
  • Walking and running analysis  500 lei
  • Complex mobility analysis   750 lei
  • Fit3D scan   150 lei
  • Body composition analysis  200 lei
  • Electrocardiogram 120 lei
  • Spirometry 120 lei

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  • Recovery 1 session                         150 lei
  • Recovery package 4 sessions              500 lei
  • Recovery package 8 sessions               900 lei
  • Recovery package 16 sessions           1600 lei

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  • Psychological counseling session                               200 lei
  • Subscription for 5 psychological counseling sessions        950 lei
  • Subscription for 10 psychological counseling sessions    1800 lei

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Training season tickets (with personal trainer), 1-3 months, 2-4 workouts per week – prices starting from 800 lei

Respiratory training – 125 lei/ session, 1000 lei/10 sessions

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  • Body care 4 sessions 750 lei
  • Body care 8 sessions 1400 lei
  • Body care 12 sessions 2000 lei

Terms and conditions

The offer of services and their prices are displayed at the reception of the Superfit Center and on our website The Superfit Center reserves the right to modify this offer without prior notice. Payment for subscriptions and packages must be made in full before the first regular monitoring session is scheduled. The validity of the subscriptions is 1-12 months, depending on the program chosen, calculated from the date of payment and can be interrupted for a maximum of 1 month, provided you give us advance notice.

The scheduling of monitoring, treatment and training sessions is done in advance, online on or by calling the clinic’s phone number. If you are late for your session, the duration will be reduced accordingly and will result in cancellation if more than half the allotted time has elapsed (with the loss of the session). As part of the subscription, scheduled meetings can be rescheduled by telephone at least 24 hours before the meeting. In case you have to be absent due to health reasons, provided you can present a medical certificate, and subject to the availability of the specialist, the sessions will be recovered during the period of validity of the subscription. Otherwise, the meeting shall be deemed to have taken place. In exceptional cases, you may request to return the value of the sessions not performed, at the purchase price, taking into account the discounts offered, but only within 2 months from the purchase of the subscription. The value of the file with recommendations, as well as that of the consultations and investigations carried out, cannot be recovered in any case. Thank you for understanding!