Strenght analysis

Test yourself and increase your endurance and muscle strength with isoinertial training!

What is strenght analysis?

The strenght analysis is performed with the help of a device that maintains a constant inertia (resistance) throughout the movement, both in the phase of effective contraction of the muscle and in the phase of relaxation. Thus, the muscles work at maximum strength at any angle, which makes this type of training much more effective than conventional strength equipment.

Resistance is created by the inertia of a wheel, which is accelerated or decelerated by muscular force, by the user’s movement (like a yo-yo mechanism), not by an external weight.

For this analysis, we use DESMOZONE, a device that includes DESMOTEC V.LINE systems (for upper body) and DESMOTEC D.LINE (for lower body).

What are the benefits of strenght analysis?

  • Athletes will know the real level of the force and strenght
  • They will become at least 30% stronger after special trainings on these devices, a fact proven by scientific studies;
  • Stimulates muscle development, helping to activate muscle mass;
  • Decreases the risk of injury;
  • Reduces muscle pain;
  • Improves range of motion;
  • It allows an efficient and safe training, in a shorter time;
  • It can be used for a wide range of exercises, being adjustable according to the athlete’s goals;
  • It causes the user to use the muscles at full capacity, during the whole movement;
  • Provides a detailed training report;
  • It is possible to train specific areas for recovery;
  • The parameters (power, speed) are visible in real time.

Strenght analysis is for you if...

  • You are an athlete and you want to train more efficiently and increase your endurance and strength;
  • You want to prevent muscle aches and injuries;
  • You are in a medical recovery program.

Come to the Superfit Center to analyis your strenght and to try this revolutionary system for developing muscle strength and stability!