Discover the fat-muscle mass ratio in your body and follow its evolution over time with the help of adipometry!

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What is ultrasound adipometry?


Adipometry is a non-invasive method of analyzing body composition, which measures, with a very high degree of accuracy and precision:

  • The total percentage of fat in your body;
  • The thickness of the fat layer in various areas of the body;
  • Thickness of muscle mass on a certain segment (eg thigh, abdomen, etc.);
  • Amount of intramuscular fat (estimate).

At the Superfit Center we use the BX Deluxe ultrasound adipometer, with advanced software that allows accurate measurements of adipose tissue thickness. BX Deluxe is derived from medical ultrasound technology and is based on the innovative concept of subcutaneous tissue stratigraphy (2D ultrasound scanning).

What are the benefits of ultrasound adipometry?

  1. Ultrasonic adipometry has a high degree of accuracy, much higher than other instruments in the field (such as bioimpedance analyzers) and provides complex and real data, not just global estimates
  2. With a single movement, a tissue map is obtained – skin, adipose tissue (superficial and deep), muscles. Such a map will make it much easier to measure the thickness of the tissue over a larger radius than by the single point measurement method.
  3. The repeatability function allows the visualization of the small real variations within the measurements in millimeters and not in percentages of fat mass, highlighting very clearly the difference between the two layers of fat.
  4. It is almost independent of variables such as body position, muscle contraction, connective tissue or skin elasticity and is not at all influenced by alcohol, caffeine, fluids or hydration levels. Measurements can be made at any time of the day.
  5. The percentage of body fat has a direct impact on your health, so through adipometry you can better understand your risk of diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

Ultrasound adipometry is for you if ...

  • You are about to start a weight loss program and you need to know the starting point, but also how you evolve along the way.
  • You want to develop your muscle mass and you want to periodically evaluate your progress.
  • You want to know what risks you have of developing certain diseases, influenced by the percentage of body fat.

You will find out the composition of your body

Stratigraphy allows accurate observation and measurement of fat and muscle layers

We are waiting for you at Superfit to discover what is under your skin!