Training / physiotherapy

The Superfit Center is no ordinary medical clinic – we are proud of our training and physiotherapy room, equipped with the most modern equipment. Training and physiotherapy sessions take place under the supervision of the therapist / personal trainer, in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere. We work individually or in small groups (2-3 people).

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This type of training aims to increase endurance, by improving cardiovascular and respiratory performance. It is done under permanent monitoring with the MyZone system.

Strenght training

Strength and power can be improved through various methods. In our center, training is done with body weight, but also with various equipment that facilitates the development of strength.

Isoinertial training

Isoinertial training is a modern concept, used by high performance athletes, because it allows a much faster and risk-free development of strength and explosion.

Agility and speed

With the help of special exercises you can train effectively the agility, attention and reaction speed. These exercises are not only demanding, but also fun, thus reducing monotony.


Balance and proprioception are characteristics that must be trained in the same way as any other component of sports performance. At Superfit you will find special equipment and techniques in this regard.

Respiratory training

Training in hypoxia (similar to altitude), combined with training of the respiratory muscles lead to a noticeable improvement in exercise capacity, especially in endurance.


Neuromotor facilitation training involves transdermal stimulation of the motor cortex, which promotes easier learning of specific movements in the sport.


Movement therapy has been known and practiced for hundreds of years, being particularly useful in the prevention of diseases, but also in recovery from injuries, surgery, trauma.