Enjoy your sports safely, under the supervision of a sports medicine doctor!

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a multidisciplinary medical specialty that supports sports performance in maintaining the health of athletes. Improving sports performance is one of the most important goals of this specialty.

Through the knowledge gained about the physiology of effort, this specialty has become increasingly important in the development of performance sports. Technology has made great strides forward, and the multitude of parameters we obtain from testing helps a lot to increase sports performance..

Also, sports medicine contributes to maintaining a healthy population and combating diseases due to sedentary lifestyle, by promoting an active lifestyle.

Who is this specialty for?

Sports medicine is for performance athletes and amateurs, but also for those who want to start a form of sustained physical activity. Regardless of the category you fall into, the medical-sports consultation is able to confirm whether your health allows us to do so. Thus we find a very important answer: are you fit or not for your chosen sports?

Sports medicine is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries or illnesses due to the practice of sport. The pathology encountered is vast, often specific to the sport branch practised or sometimes as a result of underlying problems not diagnosed in time. This branch of medicine also provides support in the correct diagnosis and treatment of patients with deviations from a normal posture, and more.


It is mandatory for legitimate athletes (performance and amateurs), but it is also recommended for those who want to do sports in an organized way.

At the Superfit Medical Center, the sports medicine exam for obtaining the medical approval is a complex one and includes:

  • General clinical examination (cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, orthopedic)
  • EKG 12 leads
  • Spirometry – examination of respiratory capacity (vital capacity, forced vital capacity, maximum voluntary ventilation)
  • Blood pressure and ventricular rate in clino and orthostatism
  • Pulse oximetry – determination of oxygen saturation
  • Ruffier test (minimum effort test) – return time after effort
  • Hand flexor force test with a dynamometer
  • Visual acuity and dyschromia testing
  • Analysis of body composition by bioimpedance method – values ​​of the percentage of adipose tissue, water, weak tissue, bones, BMI – interpretation of results and analysis on the growth chart
  • 3D scanning – three-dimensional image of the body, posture analysis, body weight distribution on soles, circumference measurements (unique analysis in Romania!)

All the results obtained from the examinations are interpreted in a clinical context and corroborated with the general and the sports medicine anamnesis. The athlete receives at the end a medical file with all the investigations performed and the recommendations.

At the consultation, you will need the following:

medical certificate issued by the family doctor, attesting that you are not registered with neuropsychiatric disorders and other chronic pathologies, as well as infectious diseases – this can be obtained online from the family doctor

blood tests: blood count, AST, ALT, total bilirubin, urea, creatinine, total
cholesterol, triglycerides, sideremia, calcium, magnesium, urine summary – these can be performed free of charge with a referral from the family doctor (but cannot be done in the Superfit Center)

Sports medicine is for you if ...

  • You are a performance athlete or an amateur, legitimate and you need a medical opinion
  • You want to know if your health allows you to practise a certain sport safely
  • You intend to start exercising in an organized way and you want to make sure you are healthy
  • You have medical problems that have occurred in the context of sports effort
  • You want advice on dosing physical effort, recovery and recovery, nutrition, hydration