The BX Deluxe ultrasound adipometer derives from medical ultrasound technology and allows direct measurements of adipose tissue thickness, resulting in a simpler and more accurate measurement, independent of connective tissue or skin elasticity. With the help of this equipment, adipometry is performed, an analysis of body composition, with a much higher degree of precision and accuracy than the most used instruments in the field (particularly bioimpedance analyzers). Thanks to its advanced software, accurate local measurements, expressed in millimeters, are possible.

The percentage of body fat has a direct impact on health. The data obtained using the ultrasound adipometer are important because they provide us with information on the relative risk of diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

The BX Deluxe system is almost independent of environmental variables, such as body position or muscle contraction and is not influenced at all by the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, other liquids or hydration level. Measurements can be made at any time of the day.

The BX Deluxe adipometer brings with it the innovative concept of subcutaneous tissue stratigraphy (2D ultrasound scan), the repeatability function allows the visualization of small real variations in measurements in millimeters and not in fat mass percentages, highlighting very clearly the difference between the two layers of fat. With a single movement you can get a map of tissues – skin, adipose tissue (superficial and deep), muscles. Such a map will make it much easier to measure the thickness of the tissue over a larger radius than by the single point measurement method, thus obtaining a detailed and real assessment of the body.

Each stratigraphy is a two-dimensional representation of the subcutaneous tissues underlying the area to be measured.

In other words, it is a section next to a defined scan path that passes through the reference points chosen by the doctor and based on anatomical or metric references. In this way, a complete and detailed view of the patient’s real situation can be obtained and complex and real data can be obtained, not just global estimates, which allow to suggest diets, therapies and training programs.

It is recommended that this investigation be done before the start of any program that involves a change in body composition, whether it is weight loss or muscle mass development. Measurements performed periodically, at intervals of 2 weeks – 1 month, can provide very valuable information on the total percentage of fat, but especially the thickness of the fat layer in various areas of the body, the thickness of muscle mass and its structure (amount of fat intramuscular).

Adipometry is performed directly on the skin, for accuracy.