Weight Gain

If you want to gain weight by accumulating muscle mass and not fat, we are waiting for you for a nutrition consultation!

What it means to gain weight

Very important: we are talking about “weight gain” and not about “fattening“. Weight gain involves the accumulation of muscle mass and only in the background fat mass, which means a healthy body with a correct body composition.

Those who have been weak all their lives and come from families of “thin” people must make an effort compared to those who want to lose weight, to reach the desired shape.

Weight gain will be achieved by stimulating muscle development, through several main elements:

  • Strength training performed under the guidance of a specialized coach. The workouts will be appropriate to everyone’s fitness and goals – do not think that you will be made to lift weights like bodybuilders! Also, you should not be afraid that the accumulated muscle mass will be exaggerated and will make you look unsightly.
  • Hypercaloric diet, rich in essential nutrients, because the muscles need them to grow.
  • Nutritional supplements. To accelerate weight gain, diet can be supported by nutritional supplements. We are talking about legal products, without side effects, which bring a large amount of nutrients in small volumes.

We can’t promise you that you will receive a “magic pill” and start gaining weight. In most cases, diets do not work without sports stimulation, so your full involvement is essential.

What are the benefits of Superfit’s weight gain program

  • You will build muscle mass, not fat, in a healthy way;
  • You receive a personalized diet and training program, based on sound scientific principles;
  • We will support you during the program with specific recommendations, to reach the desired shape;
  • You can train with us,closely supervised by one of our coaches.

Weight gain is for you if...

  • You want to work on the appearance of your body and gain weight in a healthy way.
  • You have been weak all your life and have not found an optimal solution to gain muscle.
  • You want to start exercising and eating properly.

At Superfit we support you to reach the desired weight and to have a harmonious body!