Nutrition consulting

More and more people are concerned about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which is gratifying because we live at a time when obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and the complications associated with this disease affect, or may even kill a large part of the population.

These are our nutrition consulting services:

Weight loss

Superfit weight loss programs have a big rate of succes. The only request: to follow them correctly! You won’t be hungry, it is not complicated, you will eat many different kind of foods. It’s a promise!

Weight gain

There are people who want to gain weight! We can help you to grow your muscle mass, with diet changes, nutritional supplements and strenght training.


Sports nutrition

The right diet for each type of sport it’s essential if you want to achieve high performance. A poor nutrition limits the athlete’s chances. You will be a champion only if you pay attention of food intake.

Pediatric nutrition

Nutrition influences in great manner the development of our children. The obesity rate is increasing day by day. Take measures and offer your child the chance to grow healthy!