Post-effort recovery

Recovery after exercise is a very important component of sports training, but it is often completely neglected by amateur athletes, and even by performance athletes. In addition to the classic massage, we add the contribution of technology, which helps to recover quickly and efficiently, regardless of the type of sport practiced.

We are waiting for you at Superfit to benefit from our special recovery programs!

Cold compression

Cryotherapy combined with active compression is a very efficient and fast recovery method, widely used in performance sports, especially after demanding competitions and training.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage provides a gentle massage that stimulates the natural circulation of lymph in the body, relaxing muscles and relieving muscle pain. It is a method that limits muscle fever after exertion.

Deep Oscillation

Deep oscillating massage is extremely useful in case of muscle pain, stretching, traumatic injuries, edema or in case of overuse, being recommended for recovery in sports.


Electrostimulation with Compex is both a form of electrotherapy and effective muscle training. The effect is to improve endurance, but also to increase muscle tone.