Find out what the way you walk and run says about
your health!

What is the analysis of walking and running?


By measuring different parameters, the analysis of walking and running detects possible asymmetries of the legs, inefficiencies of movement and problem areas.

The data obtained allow the creation of a personalized intervention plan for each person, which may include physical therapy, need for heels, shoe insoles, etc. By repeating the test after a certain period, the effectiveness of the intervention can be evaluated.

For the analysis of walking and running at Superfit, we use Optogait, an innovative system that works on the basis of optical sensors. It detects time and space variables relevant to walking, running, jumping, stepping on the spot. The system can analyze all phases of movement, at any speed, barefoot or with various types of footwear.

What are the benefits of walking and running analysis?

  • Find out if you have certain asymmetries or posture deficiencies and so you can prevent future complications / pain;
  • You can benefit from a personalized therapy plan or orthopedic solutions created based on precise data;
  • If you are a performance athlete or an amateur, running analysis will give you a clear picture of how you perform the movements, so you will be able to correct them, improving your athletic performance. You can increase your movement efficiency and you will prevent injuries related to posture or mode of movement;
  • You have a visible record of the effectiveness of the correction intervention, by performing tests before and afterwards.

Walking and running analysis is for you if ...

  • You do sports at amateur or performance level and you want better results;
  • You want to see where you stand with your posture while walking and running, to prevent certain pain;
  • You are recovering from a locomotor condition;
  • You want to check the effectiveness of heels, insoles or a pair of shoes.

See how a Superfit walk and run analysis session takes place:

We are waiting for you at the Superfit Center to find out more about your physical condition based on walking and running tests!