Fat vs. muscle. Find out what’s behind the weight on the scales!

What is body composition analysis?


Although the scale is a useful tool, it cannot be considered sufficient when it comes to assessing health. It doesn’t just matter how many kilograms you have, but especially what they are made of.

The evaluation of the body composition shows you the ratio between the non fat mass (without fat) and the fat mass (fat) – useful information to determine the risks of the installation of some diseases. In addition, you find personalized data about the amount of essential fat, indispensable to your body, vs. fat from deposits, accumulated as an energy reserve.

What are the advantages of body composition analysis?

  • It is more relevant than simple weighing or BMI (body mass index), because it indicates the proportion between the elements of body composition. For example, a bodybuilder or a football player could weigh 20-30 kg over the weight considered optimal for a certain height, but at the same time have a normal fat percentage. Overweight is given in this situation by well-developed muscle mass, so weight loss is not required.
  • It gives a real picture of your fat layer and muscles, not just data based on general estimates. It allows the measurement of the thickness of the fat layer in various areas of the body and the evaluation of the amount of essential fat and fat in stores.
  • Through periodic tests, you can track the evolution over time of the proportion of fat vs. muscle, useful information in the case of a program to lose weight or increase muscle mass.

Methods for assessing body composition at Superfit:


  • Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). The BIA concept starts from the premise that fat-free tissues (which have a higher water content) as well as extracellular water facilitate the passage of electricity, due to the fact that they have a higher content of electrolytes compared to adipose tissue. A “smart scale” specially designed for such measurements is used.
  • Ultrasonic adipometry. This technique involves measuring the thickness of the fat layer by an ultrasound technique at several points on the body. Subsequently, the value of the fat percentage is obtained with the help of a special software.

We are waiting for you to discover how you stand with the weight, beyond the numbers on the scales!

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Body composition analysis is for you if ...

  • You want to know how the muscle mass / fat ratio evolves during a weight loss program.
  • You want to know the risk of developing diseases caused by excess stored fat.
  • You have started a program to increase muscle mass and you are interested in following the evolution over time.

We are waiting for you at Superfit to find out what percentage of body fat you have!