Medical recovery



The fast and efficient intervention through physiotherapy makes the time required for recovery shorter, so that the athlete can return faster to the training room or on the playing field.

Tecar therapy

Tecar therapy is a modern method of treatment, with great therapeutic effectiveness, which stimulates the body’s ability to heal, being recommended in most sports.


Kinesiological bands reduce edema and reduce pain, improve mobility and range of motion, which leads to improved muscle contraction and combating spasms and cramps.

Manual therapy

Manual therapies have been known and practiced for thousands of years, with spectacular beneficial effects on the body, both on the relaxation component and on the therapeutic one, in particular situations.

Cold compression

Cryotherapy combined with active compression is a very efficient and fast recovery method, widely used in performance sports, especially after demanding competitions and training.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage provides a gentle massage that stimulates the natural circulation of lymph in the body, relaxing muscles and relieving muscle pain. It is a method that limits muscle fever after exertion.

Deep Oscillation

Deep oscillating massage is extremely useful in case of muscle pain, stretching, traumatic injuries, edema or in case of overuse, being recommended for recovery in sports.


Electrostimulation with Compex is both a form of electrotherapy and muscle training. The effect is to improve fatigue resistance, but also to increase muscle tone.

Percussion therapy

Percussion therapy is a form of deep muscle treatment, which uses special equipment that produces percussion with a certain frequency, having a relaxing, relaxing and decontracting effect.

Hyaluronic acid infiltrations

Joint infiltrations with vascoelastic substances containing hyaluronic acid preparations have proven to be very effective in the treatment and prevention of tendinopathies and osteoarthritis.

What does recovery mean?

Medical recovery is a conservative specialty, which deals with the prophylaxis of health problems or the diagnosis and treatment of diseases already established, occurring at any age.

This branch of medicine helps everyone, whether we are talking about a person who wants to preserve or recover their health, whether we are talking about performance athletes or amateurs who want to improve their performance, or we are simply talking about those who want maintenance. and improving physical appearance.

Medical recovery plays a crucial role for your health, it can be applied in various medical fields, such as orthopedics-traumatology, neurology, various preoperative and postoperative conditions, sports medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The purposes and benefits of medical recovery are multiple: relieving pain, supporting a faster recovery of the body, restoring functionality, increasing performance, improving physical appearance, reducing stress, all resulting in improved quality of life.

At the Superfit Center you will find high performance equipment, doctors and therapists with experience to solve your problems!

How do you benefit from a recovery program?

First of all, you need an appointment for a specialist consultation. During the consultation, the recovery doctor will assess your health by performing a detailed history and performing a general and local clinical examination, after which he releases the treatment scheme that he discusses with you. Furthermore, given that everything is done in a team, you are directed to one of the physiotherapists with the necessary qualifications to start treatment. We count on you to listen to our advice, instructions and to present yourself to the individualized recovery program.

Why follow a recovery program?

Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, so you can benefit from the positive effects of classical and modern electrotherapy (low frequency currents – diadynamic, TENS; medium frequency currents – interference; LASER; ultrasound; HIVAMAT; lymphatic drainage; TECAR), together with the benefits of physical therapy (medical gymnastics).

Any of the methods listed above can be combined to improve your quality of life in the shortest possible time. The benefits of electrotherapy and physiotherapy are multiple depending on the underlying condition or pathology for which prophylaxis is performed. Relieving pain, restoring functionality, and improving performance are the most important aspects of a recovery program.

In our special sections, you will find more information about the equipment used, the biological effects and the therapeutic indications. For more information and a specialized treatment we are waiting for you for a consultation!