Online medical consulting

If you want to lose weight or gain weight, but do not have time to get to our headquarters, we support you through the remote program.

What online consulting entails

Online consulting involves developing a weight loss program based on the data you provide. Here are the steps to follow when you sign up for the online consulting program:

  1. We are sending you a questionnaire with a set of questions that you will have to answer very carefully.
  2. You send us the completed questionnaire, along with pictures to illustrate your current form (these remain confidential, as well as the data in the questionnaire).
  3. After we have the questionnaire, the pictures and the proof of payment, in a few days you will receive the weight loss / weight gain program.

If you can still get to the Superfit Center, it is preferable to come at least for a first consultation, so as to create a collaborative connection as efficiently as possible.

What are the advantages of online consulting

  • You get a personalized nutritional plan, unlike diets on the Internet, which do not take into account the needs of your body or food preferences;
  • You save time traveling;
  • You have access to reliable information, so that weight loss / gain is made more efficient, but also in a healthy way, without long-term side effects.

Online consulting is for you if ...

  • You want to lose or gain weight, but you don’t live in Bucharest and you can’t come to the Superfit Center;
  • You have a busy schedule, but you are concerned about your health and you want to improve it;
  • You live abroad and prefer a nutrition consultancy in Romanian.