Hyaluronic acid infiltrations

Take care of your joint health through hyaluronic acid infiltrations!

What are intra-articular infiltrations with hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the synovial fluid, which is secreted by the synovial membrane, located in the joints and synovial sheaths of the tendons. The role of synovial fluid is to lubricate, reduce mechanical friction, absorb shocks and facilitate fluid movement.

The amount of synovial fluid can decrease due to several factors: overload, aging, joint degradation, tendon inflammation.

Osteoarthritis is a degradation of the articular cartilage and can occur in any joint that has suffered a high degree of wear: knee, shoulder, hip.

Joint infiltrations with viscoelastic substances containing hyaluronic acid have proven to be very effective in the treatment and prevention of tendinopathies and osteoarthritis. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the beneficial effect of hyaluronic acid infiltrations and their preventive role in rapid joint and tendon degradation.

At Superfit you can have infiltrations with hyaluronic acid as a prevention or as a treatment for various joint diseases. There are several types of products that contain hyaluronic acid, but the chosen product will be perfectly adapted to the patient’s pathology. Treatment may consist of 2 intra-articular infiltrations performed at one- week intervals or a single intra-articular infiltration (single dose).

What are the advantages of intra-articular infiltrations?

  • Eliminates joint pain by supplementing intra-articular fluid;
  • Prevents pain and protects against cartilage degradation;
  • The effect can last up to a year;
  • The treatment is personalized according to the patient's problem, the evaluation being made by a specialist.

Intraarticular infiltrations are for you if ...

  • You suffer from one of the following conditions: gonarthrosis, supraspinatus tendonitis, acromio-clavicular conflict, scapulohumeral periarthritis, osteoarthritis, small joints or plantar fasciitis;
  • You want to prevent joint pain;
  • You play a sport and you want to keep your joints healthy.

We are waiting for you at Superfit to restore the health of your joints!