Dr. Șerban DAMIAN, nutritionist


Sports nutritionist

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E-mail: serban.damian@superfit.ro

IOC-accredited sports nutritionist

Founder of the Superfit Center

I am Dr. Şerban Damian , specialist in sports nutrition – I specialized in this field in an international program organized by the International Olympic Committee, dedicated to doctors, and led by nutritionists from the largest universities in the world. So far, I am the only doctor in Romania who has followed this program.

I am also a graduate of the Master’s program “Nutrition and Food Safety” organized by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, which I finished as head promotion.

  • Sports nutrition
  • Nutritional counseling weight loss
  • Cardiometabolic testing
  • Adipometry
  • 3D Analysis
  • Body composition analysis
  • Lactate analysis
  • Management

I am a specialist in family medicine, a graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, a member of the College of Physicians in Bucharest.

In 2007 we set up the Superfit Center where I provide nutritional advice (weight loss / improvement, improving sports performance, recommending nutritional supplements) and training, both to the general public and private companies, performance athletes, sports teams, national and Olympic teams . In 2017 we expanded the activity of the center, adding the services we offer today and you can find them on this site, and the Superfit Center has become one of the important clinics that deals with increasing physical performance.

In the period 2016-2018 I was the nutritionist of the National Soccer Team of Romania, dealing directly with the composition and supervision of menus and supplementary programs for the players of group A. I am also part of the Medical Commission of FRF.

I am currently the nutritionist of the Romanian Olympic Women’s 3X3 Basketball Team that will participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Over time I have been concerned with sharing the knowledge gained in my medical and nutritional training. I have given dozens of nutrition seminars, I have participated as a lecturer in national conferences on nutrition and sports medicine, I have been invited to hundreds of TV and radio shows at the most important stations in the country, I have published hundreds of articles and three specialized books. who enjoyed success. In 2003 I published the volume “Stretching, the secret of flexibility” at Corint Publishing House. In 2006 I published the volume “Superfit. The essentials in fitness and bodybuilding ”, a book I worked on for three years and which gathered the most important information in nutrition, training (strength and cardio), weight loss, nutritional supplements. In 2017 I published the book “ Weight loss equation. Nutrition and training guide for a quality life ” , a volume dedicated to all those who want to lose weight and learn to eat healthy.

Currently I collaborate with ProTV, but also with other televisions – Antena1, Antena3, KanalD, B1TV, DigiTV, TVR. You can see some of the recordings on my YouTube channel .

In the period 2013-2014 I made the sports nutrition show “Superfit” at Radio Sport Total FM.

I was also a specialist consultant (fitness, nutrition, medicine) and editor (senior contributor) at the prestigious Men’s Health magazine, with which I have been collaborating since its appearance in the Romanian press.

In 2004 I launched the site www.doctor.info.ro , which established itself as a one of the most important sources of information on health and sports.

In 2008 I launched the first Romanian site dedicated to sports nutrition – www.nutritiesportiva.ro

I’m a marathon runner and I’ve competed in a lot of long distance running competitions. In 2008 I founded Ro Club Marathon, the first running club in Romania. I am currently the president of this club, which has become the largest in Romania. I invite you to visit my blog as well www.nutritionist.info.ro