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We are waiting for you at Superfit to find out how you can lose weight healthily and stay fit for a long time with the help of a nutritionist!

I am Dr. Șerban Damian, the nutritionist at the Superfit Center in Bucharest and I will be with you personally during your weight loss program. Together with my team, we will support you with professionalism, but also with friendship, on the road to the dream body and the desired well-being.


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Why choose the Superfit Center to lose weight?

  • Personalized weight loss programs – Everyone’s body is unique and that is why we design for each client a personalized nutrition, training and body care program or a weight loss regime, depending on agreed objectives.
  • Thousands of patients with good results – All those who have followed our recommendations have achieved their desired weight and health goals.
  • Health, first of all – You will eat real food and learn how to make your own meals so that you maintain a suitable weight in the long run.
  • Well-trained and experienced specialists – All our specialists – doctor, nutritionist, coach, therapist – are highly qualified and their professional experience spans years.
  • No hunger, pills, teas or absurd diets – We are followers of balance, we do not like extremes or exaggerations in diets. We use scientifically proven methods that do not endanger your health.
  • You can train right here at our center – We have a fitness studio equipped with everything you need, and the workouts take place under the supervision of your personal trainer.
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    Completing the form is completely free and does not involve any hidden costs. After submitting the data, Dr. Serban Damian will contact you by phone to determine if your goal is possible / realistic and will tell you what the next steps and costs are to begin treatment.

    WE OFFER FREE AT FIRST CONSULTATION: (but also at the following)

    • Body composition analysis – you will find out how much fat you have, how much muscle mass and how much water, but also how many kilograms you need to lose.
    • 3D body analysis – an ultramodern investigation, unique in Romania, which makes a 3D image of your body, measures very precisely the circumferences, analyzes the posture and weight distribution on the soles.

    In addition, you can request the measurement of basal metabolism, but also the analysis of energy consumption and areas of effort, with the help of cardiometabolic testing.


    INPUT WEIGHT (kilograms)

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    BMI Values
  • 18.49 or less - Subponderal
  • between 18.50 and 24.99 - Normal weight
  • between 25.00 and 29.99 - Overweight
  • between 30.00 and 34.99 - Obesity (first degree)
  • between 35.00 and 39.99 - Obesity (grade II)
  • 40.00 or more - Morbid obesity

  • Here’s what our patients have to say about our weight loss services through nutrition and training:

    „I have been obese since I was a child. I tried all possible and impossible diets, but with only short-term results. I would lose weight for a while, then put everything back together, plus a little more. I decided to go to a doctor and came to Superfit for a weight loss regimen. At first I was a little distrustful, because everything seemed too simple to me. The diets made by the nutritionist were easy to follow and I was never hungry. I started to lose weight and eventually lost 60 kilograms. I couldn’t believe it either. I feel much better, I have perfect tests and I have learned to eat healthy. Thank you Superfit!”

    Ilie, 32, Bucharest


    „After 6 years of weight loss regimens , endless weight changes and depression under treatment, I realized that I needed specialized help from a good nutritionist, to regain my figure and self-confidence. That’s how I got to the Superfit nutrition clinic in Bucharest, which I recommend with all the confidence of all those who have weight problems and want a weight loss diet or simply want to learn what a healthy lifestyle means. Here we had the understanding, respect and professionalism that any patient wants to be treated.”

    Andra, 25 years old, Ploieşti

    *Disclaimer: The results obtained by Superfit customers vary from person to person, depending on individual characteristics. The results are not guaranteed. The patient testimonials presented on this site are personal opinions.


    We are with you all the way and with the best recommendations!

    We will contact you by phone to arrange the first consultation with the nutritionist!

    I want to lose weight! I have to lose weight!

    Many of you wake up every morning with this thought, but do not know how to proceed. The Internet is full of promises of fast weight loss: Cambridge diet, keto diet, Dukan diet, dissociated diet, Rina diet, etc. and most of the time you wonder if such a weight loss regimen is an effective and healthy solution, or if you are wasting your time.

    After a few unsuccessful attempts you realize that you need a weight loss program and then the idea of ​​turning to a nutritionist comes to mind..

    But where do you find a good nutritionist in Bucharest, indeed anywhere in the country? Definitely in a nutrition office or nutrition clinic. A specialist with this training can be either a nutritionist or a dietitian nutritionist, in both cases a graduate of higher education. It is good to find out about the training and experience of the doctor or nutritionist you are going to see. The cost of consulting a nutritionist is important for your pocket, but you have to think that you will make an investment in your health in the long run. You do not need fast weight loss, but healthy and long-lasting weight loss.

    Dr. Şerban Damian, the nutritionist at Superfit Medical Center, is waiting for you with the right solutions, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition or pediatric nutrition.