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Physical therapist

My name is Gabriela-Iuliana Tudose. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Therapy within the National University of Physical Education and Sports and I deepen my knowledge with the help of the master’s degree in Recovery, Motor and Somato-Functional Reeducation within the same institution.

What characterizes me? The years spent in sports, namely 13 years in professional kickboxing, 3 years outlined by the presence of gyms, 2 years spent in “Latin dance steps”, which have left their mark on my character and personality, as well as on style my work.

The time spent over the years in constant motion, along with studies in the field of medical recovery, helps me in creating recovery programs tailored to all patient needs, to achieve the desired performance.

I am waiting for you at Superfit Medical Center to evaluate you and to create an individualized recovery program that is perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements.