Medical rehabilitation doctor

I’m Dr. Cioponea Codruta, Medical Recovery Doctor.

I graduated from the “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca,
Faculty of General Medicine.

After graduating, being very passionate about sports, I started the Sports Medicine residency, which I did for 2 years. During this time I was the Doctor to the National Women’s Rugby Team during their training sessions as well as during the “Seven 2010” Championship, as well as a volunteer at the Research Center for Physical Education and Sports.

Also, my passion for exercise led me to become a Pilates and Yoga Instructor.

Being extremely passionate about sports recovery, I started my Medical Recovery residency, becoming a Medical Recovery Specialist 2018.

Wanting to deepen my knowledge of Traumatology and Sports Recovery, I completed a training course at the Sports Traumatology Recovery -SportS2 clinic, CHU Liege University Hospital, under the coordination of Professor Jean Francois Kaux.

The Department of Sports Trauma Recovery, headed by Professor Kaux, has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the center of excellence for the Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries, being the only center in the world accredited by FIFA, the International Federation of Sports Medicine and the International Olympic Committee.

I am passionate about movement and especially about running. I studied in depth the biomechanics of movement, and especially the biomechanics of running, a branch that I consider essential in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.