Martial arts

The demanding training that martial arts practitioners do, whether it is judo, karate, taekwondo, aikido, MMA, wushu or kickboxing, needs support through a well-developed sports nutrition program, regular medical check-ups, recovery after effort. and rapid recovery from possible injuries. At Superfit Medical Center we have everything an athlete needs to progress towards great performance!

servicii medicale arte martiale

Superfit Medical Center services dedicated to martial arts practitioners


It is very important that when you start training constantly that you do a series of tests and medical investigations to make sure that everything is fine. A sports medical consultation will show you if your health condition allows you to run and what aspects you need to take care of.

If you are a member of a sports club, this consultation must be done periodically.


Through our sports nutrition program you will learn to balance the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your favor, so that you have the best performance in training. With the help of personalized food recommendations, you will more easily support the effort during training and competitions and you will recover faster.

Sports nutrition consulting is provided by Dr. Şerban Damian, CIO-accredited sports nutritionist.


Periodically, at Superfit you can check your fitness through performance tests, such as cardiometabolic testing, gait and running analysis, lactate analysis, baropodometry, body composition analysis. Based on the results, you will find out where you still have to work to improve your running performance or you can see how you have progressed over time.


When you have a busy training program and go to many training sessions, cold compression sessions, lymphatic drainage, deep oscillation, percussion therapy or electrostimulation will help you recover faster after the effort, to give 100% to each contest you participate. You will get rid of muscle fever and fatigue faster.


Martial arts offen result in injuries. We know that it is unpleasant to “sit on the bar”, so at Superfit we have invested in the best equipment to make your recovery as easy and fast as possible. Physiotherapy, Tecar therapy, cold compression and taping are just some of the technologies at Superfit that accelerate the body’s healing and recovery. Hyaluronic acid infiltrations will protect your joints from wear and tear and eliminate pain and discomfort.


In addition to martial arts, it is good to do other types of training to develop your muscles, mobility and endurance, so that you can support the effort. At Superfit you can train efficiently, including different equipment than those usually available in gyms.

Physiotherapy and proprioception training improve your mobility and balance, reducing the risk of injury.


In addition to the physical challenges, martial arts are sprinkled with mental challenges, which you must manage as well as possible to reach the finish line. Sports psychological counseling sessions will give you extra confidence and motivation to follow the training program and set yourself mentally for success.